Where to from Canada?

Judging by his recent StoryBox Demo at Brock university post Alan Levine (@cogdog) and his Storybox have managed to escape from Philly and make their way safely to Canada. That’s great news for sure, but where to from there?Just where will his mission to find the Centre of the Internet take him to next? I mean, I’ve heard rumours that Alan is planning to visit Australia, but I fear for his safety in transit. The same people or mysterious organisation that abducted him in the first place may still be trying to prevent him from finding the Centre of the Internet.

I quickly recorded this response just to let Alan know to be alert as he continues his mission to find the Centre of the Internet.

Alan, if you’re reading this, please let me know that you’ve planned a safe and secure transportation for your journey to Australia. You may need to use alternate forms of communication, super-duper encryption or an alternate identity to avoid detection and guarantee your safe passage.

Good luck with the next part of your mission!

Rowan Peter

How do you get out of Philly?

So…I’ve been out of town for a few days. I arrived home to find out that Alan Levine (@cogdog) had not only managed to use a mysterious secret hatch to escape from the train where he was being held hostage, but has also somehow ended up at the EDUCAUSE conference in Phil(ly)adelphia. Curious.

Now, I’m always happy to try and help out a friend in a jam. Previously, I recorded a dispatch from over here in response to Alan’s dispatch from somewhere. This time, I thought I could help Alan get out of Philly. So I quickly recorded this video in response to Alan’s ‘How did I end up in  Philadelphia’ video report.

Alan, if you’re reading this I hope that my suggestions are helpful and that you’re able to make it out of Philly.

Keep us updated with your Journey to the Centre of the Internet.

Rowan Peter

A dispatch from over here

Wow, I’ve just finished watching the mysterious and somewhat disturbing ‘Dispatch from somewhere’ videos recorded by Alan Levine about his apparent abduction. It looks like he’s in a lot of trouble, so I quickly recorded this video in response to his urgent cry for help. Hopefully this video gets to Alan in time.

Alan, if you’re reading this, remember that we are all here to help you!

Good luck!

Rowan Peter

Concept: Augmented advertising could reduce litter on the streets

진주 통영 040
Duct tape residue is all that remains of footpath advertising campaign at this pedestrian crossing in Busan, South Korea.

Advertising taped to the footpath at pedestrian crossings is a common sight in areas of Busan such as Seomyeon that are frequented by youth, young people and university students. As a location for advertising it is ideal. It is one of the rare times busy pedestrians will stop, if only for a short time. That’s long enough to catch their eye with some brightly coloured paper. Placement on the footpath is also more likely to increase the potential for a pedestrian to view the advertisement as they gaze down at their smartphone. Accidental line of sight!

The outcome from this type of advertising is the large volume of waste paper. When not being replaced by a brighter more colourful campaign the advertisements quickly tear under the volume of pedestrian traffic.

Augmented advertising could reduce litter on the streets. It’s highly likely the intended audience for the advertising is using their smartphone while they’re walking. So why try to compete with their attention? Why not promote your materials within the platform? This method could reduce paper waste as well as increase opportunities for enhanced experiences such as directions to points of interest as well as sales/purchases.

Flyers and other small-form paper advertisement/promotional material is passed out to passing pedestrians. Eventually it ends up on the footpath.