Know your audience – Anti-graffiti community service announcement

An interesting approach to an anti-graffiti community service announcement by a local City Council. I’m curious if the outside of the bus is the most effective location for this kind of message. Would the outside of the bus be seen by the intended audience of this message. Are the target audience more likely to be inside the bus? Perhaps locating the community service announcement outside the bus ensures the message is exposed to as many people as possible.

I didn’t see inside the bus, but I reckon this kind of message (framed in the format that it’s warning against) could also be placed inside the bus and perhaps be more likely be seen by the intended audience.

FB is the default entry point for interactions between products and their potential clients

Here are just two examples I’ve found in local print advertising where Facebook has been the single entry point for interactions between an organisation’s products and their potential clients. I’m sure are many more organisations operate in this way. What is most interesting for me is that Facebook is now the default entry point. Previously an organisation would use advertising to direct potential clients to their own site, now they use advertising to promote their products within Facebook – an online space where their clients already exist and interact with friends and other organisations.  Fascinating.

Discover more about a new mobile phone at Facebook. Page 2 and 3 advertising spread in the Herald Sun, Friday, April 21, 2012
Junk mail for Domino’s Pizza. Order your pizza through Facebook.

Watch_Dogs – Non traditional gaming weapon

One of the interesting things that caught my attention in the trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming video game Watch_Dogs is the inclusion of what could be considered a non-traditional gaming weapon in the player’s inventory. This non-traditional weapon is an electronic device which can be used by the player to hack into electronic devices and systems such as mobile phones, closed circuit-television, computer systems or traffic lights to help them make their way through the game. This type of weapon is thematically suited to a world where everything is connected and connection is power.

I think it’s a pretty cool concept to include a seemingly benign consumer electronic device in a plausible present-day setting. By doing this, I think it shows a shift in what society considers to be a weapon. With the right amount of skill a seemingly benign consumer electronic device can manipulated and used as a weapon. An electronic device with features that would’ve previously been the domain of government security agencies. Interesting stuff.

Sounds interesting? Go to Ubisoft’s Official Watch_Dogs website to watch the other trailer and find out more about the game.

Here are some of my favourite scenes from the Watch_Dogs – Game Demo Video where the electronic device is being used to complete tasks in the game.

The player needs to bypass the doorman to complete a task. The player accesses the menu system for the electronic device, and then selects Jam communications.
The electronic device is activated and communication systems nearby (mobile phone users and security camera) are jammed and cease to operate.
Mobile phone users wonder what’s wrong with their mobile phone. The player enters the club and completes task.
The player needs to complete another task. The player accesses the menu system for the electronic device, and then selects Traffic lights.
The electronic device is activated and the traffic lights cease to operate. The player can continue to complete the task.

This Inside Gaming video previews some of the game play you can expect to experience in Watch_Dogs.