Concept: Greenhouse gas calculator app

What is it?

A concept I had in 2009 for a mobile device that calculates your greenhouse gas emissions.

What does it do?

Calculate greenhouse gas emissions based on user input. Total emissions are expressed as black balloons that fill the screen of the mobile device. The black balloon campaign was an initiative of Sustainability Victoria.

2 thoughts on “Concept: Greenhouse gas calculator app”

  1. did you concept ever get any further? I am actually looking to do a volume purchase of an app that does precisely what you are talking about but have had no luck. If yours never got off the ground, any idea if there is an app out there that performs a similar function? Thank you for your help in advance.

  2. Hello Georgina!
    Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately the concept didn’t go any further than this rough sketch. I don’t know of any specific apps to recommend, but the web-based Carbon Emissions Calculator could be useful to you. The Carbon Emissions Calculator would probably work on smart phones/mobile devices and might be suitable for your needs. Good luck with your app search.

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