Concept: The activity flow

During the initial design stage of an activity I like to use pen and paper to quickly map out the flow of the activity. The tactile nature of paper allows for scribbles and scrawls, coloured pens or pencils, hasty redraws, cutting, tearing, taping and a rendezvous with the scanner or photocopier. I think something like an iPad or Samsung Tab style device could also give me similar functionality to pen and paper. I’d like one of those.

These drawings describe the flow of an activity for a digital learning experience.

2 thoughts on “Concept: The activity flow”

    1. Hi Michael!

      Yeah! I also like how pen and paper scrawl are flexible enough to pinned up on walls and given a real thrashing! Once they’re refined, the scrawls then make their way into a multimedia script. They often serve as temporary placeholder graphics within the multimedia object while it’s the object is being developed. The scrawls are another form of communication between me and the developers (of the multimedia resource).

      Oh, the Hilfiger isn’t mine. I just found the piece of paper in the recycled printer paper bin at work. 🙂

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