1. CC here, Detective, you are doing a great job in your sleuthing for RPL. I do hope that you find enlightenment.

  2. Commissioner!

    Well, you never know where you might find enlightenment on the journey of lifelong learning. Although it was fun to travel to the temple in the hills to try and answer questions about the universe, I wasn’t able to find any answers or clues about RPL. There was no harm in trying. The investigation continues!


    Detective Peterovski

  3. Detective..see if you can pick up some words of wisdom when you chat to the monk.
    Agent Bentley

    • Hello Agent Bentley

      Unfortunately the monk didn’t have any words of wisdom for me about RPL. He had no answers, only questions about the EpCop Case that I still can’t seem to answer.

      The investigation continues!


      Detective Peterovski

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