1. Hi Rowan!
    Det. Peterovski ended the week with a cliffhanger: have the lab guys sent him their report about the content of the mysterious phone? Probably not, I guess, since we find him pacing the streets of Melbourne on a sleepless night! Can you make contact with him and keep us posted?

  2. Hello Isabelle

    You’re right, the guys from the lab have yet to extract the data from Detective Peterovski’s his first piece of evidence! There was a bit of confusion. It turns out they were not sure which lab was going to do the extraction and decryption. They lab guys say there’s a rumour that the data contains message from Richard Paddy Lawrence (RPL). The lab guys should be done with the decryption in 1 or 2 days.

    Thanks for supporting Detective Peterovski’s investigation!


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