ds106: Visual Assignment 46: Stories written in windows media player

Visual Assignment 46 brief

Write a sentence (preferably somewhat coherent, yet on the nonsensical side), a poem, or a quick story using the titles of songs you have in your Windows Media Player (iTunes may possibly work as well). Print the screen. Paste it in Microsoft Paint (or some higher-end equivalent). Save it, upload it, and share. If you could even respond to the one I originally created as a challenge (possibly even embed it as a comment on that blog entry), that would be even cooler.

My playlist story

The aim of my Visual Assignment 46: Stories Written In Windows Media Player was to keep the story as succinct and as coherent as possible. I created a new Playlist and then populated it with tunes from the Music Library. I used a cover version to try and create a sense of rhythm in the story – is that outside the rules of the assignment?. If so, it doesn’t matter.

4 thoughts on “ds106: Visual Assignment 46: Stories written in windows media player”

  1. I love how you have “In My Eyes” by two different bands, also love the post-apocalyptic/disorder theme, one of my favorites, heading off to watch Mad Max now. What’s more, love your header image πŸ˜‰

  2. A bit of a post-apocalyptic playlist you reckon Jim? I prefer to look at the playlist as an optimistic discourse on the human condition.

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