I satisfied the criteria for the “Digital learning expert credential” – five down, none to go!

I’m at the tail end of my Masters of Professional Practice (Digital Learning), whereby I now only have to successfully complete 10 credentials. I’ve submitted the first batch of five to be assessed and have recently been advised that “the credential assessors have determined that you have satisfied the criteria for your Digital learning expert credential”, which is awesome. Five credentials down, none to go (in this batch).

Feedback from the Assessors

Assessor 1 feedback

“Rowan, as explained in the digital testimony, you have an advanced knowledge of what constitutes good learning design solutions. In your senior L&T advisory role you focus on sound pedagogy over technology to create flexible, engaging digital content. In the written Example 1 you discussed the design of an innovative mandatory undergraduate online module containing video content; this received positive feedback from stakeholders and met strategic goals around cultural safety in the university. Example 2 showcased your ability not only to lead best practice educational design (a “social experiment” digital course for healthcare workers), but also your skill as a “critical friend” to a less experienced colleague. Example 3 detailed another case of your support, skill and advice. The impact of the strategic initiative around FutureLearn micro credentials confirmed your advanced standing in digital learning generally. Congratulations on an excellent submission. I enjoyed assessing it.”

Assessor 2 feedback

“Hi Rowan, Thanks for your submissions, video testimony and written examples and responses. The evidence you have provided satisfies the criteria of Digital Learning – Expert. You demonstrate a high level of understanding and competence in all aspects of digital learning design, production and delivery. Your example of working with the SME for the Health Care professional digital learning suite shows your maturity and depth of understanding and skills in the digital learning space. Always keeping the end user in mind and not getting distracted by digital learning practices that may look fantastic and offer great flexibility but do not add to the end user experience. Across your career you have a broad experience of liaising with and gaining a deep understanding of the wide approaches and industries which adds to your “toolkit” as a digital learning expert. You also demonstrate the importance in evaluating and reporting on the success of the learning programs and the importance or independent assessment of the course to provide an feedback loop that truly helps to improve the digital learning programs you have developed for the various client you work with. Congratulations and best wishes for the future.”

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