The Question 1.2: Find the gap homework for Week 1 of Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society required me to identify things that annoyed me or caused me extra effort, time, money or discomfort throughout my day and then list 10 user experience gaps that could potentially be diminished or mitigated by an artifact (product or service). I was then required to choose one of these user experience gaps to serve as the basis for my course project.

My user experience gap

My user experience gap is a solution that supports and encourages an efficient and affordable contactless ticketing system for public transport.

This meets the course project criteria because it solves the problem of congestion at stations and inefficient transfer of passengers on public transport caused by the technical constraints of existing public transport ticketing system. The solution would require the creation of a software artifact that operates on smartphones as well as a program that supports the delivery, integration and adoption of the solution.