Prototyping AR with processing and blender

I’m interested in exploring the use of augmented reality (AR) in learning experiences.  I’ve decided to prototype my early simple AR experiments with Processing and Blender. These early explorations will make use of augments placed with fiducial markers. My goal is to then explore developing AR learning experiences with Layar that can then be viewed through iOS and Android mobile devices. I’d then like to explore placing augments without using fiducial markers. These augment could be determined by location. One step at a time.

I used Processing, Blender and NyARToolkit to create this very simple zombie wound augment. This needs a bit more work as the augment is displaying bounding box information and the low-poly modelling is not as smooth as it should be. The augment could be made to look a little more integrated with my body with improved modelling and texturing. That will come with the next iteration.

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  1. Hey Rowan!! 😀 that looks cool/gross, I like the idea of the zombie effects. Looking forward to seeing more gore! We’re doing some ar and layar stuff at the moment also. I hope your going well, it would be great to catch up!

    1. Hey thanks Matt!
      Yep, all prototyping begin with zombies. Goofy! I’m now working on increasing the poly count and animating the wound geometry. I’m also investigating multiple markers/multiple wounds. This is already possible as NyARToolkit permits the use of multiple markers. I just have to work on it.

      Ooooh! Tell me a bit more about the AR stuff you’re working on?

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