Repossessed to skate – Session 30

Repossessed to skate is the name I’ve given my activity of learning and practising how to skate (again), specifically in the context of ongoing sessions at local skateparks. I’m relearning how to skate so I can show my kids how to skate.

Repossessed to skate is about having fun, learning new-old tricks that interest me and persevering.

Session description

Strong fakies and kick turns, but still below the coping. Once again I thought I was ready to drop-in. Walked up the platform, placed my tail on the coping but chickened-out. No good. Bailed from the mini ramp and drove to the nearby vert ramp for fakies on the huge transition to console myself.

Fakies on the Vermont South vert ramp.

Fakies on the Vermont South vert ramp.

Fakie marathon is finished.

Fakie marathon is finished.

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