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Repossessed to skate – Session 38

Repossessed to skate is the name I’ve given my activity of learning and practising how to skate (again), specifically in the context of ongoing sessions at local skateparks. I’m relearning how to skate so I can show my kids how to skate.

Repossessed to skate is about having fun, learning new-old tricks that interest me and persevering.

Session description

The ramp was in good condition and only required a slight squeegee to clear water from the the flat area of the ramp. My new setup with Bones Reds Bearing and Spitfire wheel is super smooth and super fast. Effortless fakies, kick turns and transfers over the roll-in to the other side of the ramp. High backside kick turn with a partial backside grind on the coping. Nice feeling. Still can’t commit to the drop-in. Yet another drop-in-dilemma, but less anxious. Just relaxed and enjoyed skating the ramp with a newfound energy and confidence.


Sloth on Magic mace top.
Sloth on Magic mace top.
Sloth on Magic mace bottom.
Sloth on Magic mace bottom.

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