The Shaker box

This was the first Shaker Box that I built. I repurposed a slightly worn contact mic I had prepared earlier. My reuse of the old contact mic may explain a few things about the shaker box’s performance. These photos first appeared on my Greetings from…Flickr stream.

Concept drawing for the shaker box.
Starting off, I needed a box of some description to house the contact mic and rattly bits. I didn't have a small metal enclosure or tin handy so I used a plastic jiffy box that I had. Happy with the plastic substitute I drilled a hole in it with a 9mm drill bit to ensure a snug fit for the audio jack.
Next step was to prep the piezo that was already assembled as a contact mic. Gently warm the heat shrink tube with a lighter to ensure that the soldered connections are protected.
Now solder the wires connected to the piezo to the audio jack. One to the tip and the other to the sleeve.
I just temporarily duct taped the piezo onto the lid of the jiffy box. The tape won't protect the piezo that much once we start shaking...
Here is a detail shot.
The lid is on, the jack has been mounted and it's all duct taped up!
Plug in your lead and hold tight to your little box and...
Shake your thing!

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