4 thoughts on “Warming up for ds106”

  1. A friend of mine secured what I now assume was a VHS bootleg of that movie in 1989 or 1990 – no dub, no subtitles, and neither of us speak Japanese. I have vague memories of two characters incessantly screaming at each other “Testsuo!…Kaneda!…Tetsuo!…Kaneda!” and of some character – a child? a young girl? – uttering a whole lot of words at breakneck speed, ending with a breathless “Akira!” I remember the film being epic, but I clearly need to have another look.

    1. Hi Professor!

      My first Akira experience is reminiscent of your own. Same time period. Same bootleg format. Similar confusion. Fortunately, I was able to check out a sub-titled version not long after. Subtitles do help.

    1. Oh yeah, the milky bear is great! The ‘blum…blum…blum…blum’ vocals on the musical score adds to the surreal nature of Tetsuo’s nightmarish vision.

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