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Concept: Augmented contextual instruction

Augmented contextual instruction provides users with procedural demonstrations based on recognisable features and attributes of an object. Augmented contextual instruction could be used in vocational training and assessment contexts. Users can add (record), edit and share their own contextual instruction.

Planning the augmented contextual instruction with pen and envelope.
Planning the augmented contextual instruction with pen and envelope.

Mental note: AR homework

Post-it notes help to record mental notes.

Mental note. I need to do some homework. I need to determine how I can use the Metaio SDK and Unity as an alternative to Blender and Aurasma for developing AR experiences for my VET Development Centre Specialist Scholarship.

Concept: Learning Object assembler

What is it?

A portable app for mobile devices that allows user to assemble a learning sequence of Learning Objects.

What does it do?

Provides an interface between a repository of data(learning objects) and a trainer. Mobile view provides a proxy version of LO to reduce data usage. The sequence created by trainer can be annotated, tagged with metadata etc. The sequence can be shared with others!

Concept: Air guitar app for mobile devices with an AR extension

What is it?
It’s an air guitar app for mobile devices (iPad, iphone, droid phone) with an AR extension.

What does it do?
The air guitar app allows user to jam to their favourite songs. The app also contains a collaborative feature that allows other instruments to be added to the mix. For example, the band can grow from a trio to an orchestra.
The AR extension allows user to see the instrument that is being played. The AR extension can also display customisable musician specific details such as the Jimi Hendrix headband and afro combination or the top hat worn by Slash.


Incomplete work: BusBuddy – Flash app for mobile phones

Some day my bus will come…

What is it?

BusBuddy was an exercise in developing a Flash-lite based bus timetable application for my Nokia N95. The concept for BusBuddy came about from my need for an accurate timetable for bus and train services I used in my daily travel to work.

What did it do?

BusBuddy provided discrete bus and train timetable data on demand.

So, what features did it have?

BusBuddy used web services to access bus and train timetable data. At the time, timetable data was only available as PDF. Downloaded PDFs were to be stored and browsed on the phone.

Here are some screen captures of BusBuddy.

Home screen (Text labels not rendering)
myTrain Line/s

Concept: A scheduling app for students

What is it?

A scheduling app for students that operates on mobile devices.

What does it do?

The app can connect to existing student records/results services and display:

  1. Class/tutorial dates and times (Semester/Year)
  2. Assessment/assignment due dates (Semester/Year)
  3. Assessment/assignment completion status. For example, the status update could read ‘you have completed 2 of 5 assignments. There are 3 more to complete.’
  4. Student and public holidays
  5. Alerts for any changes to schedule. For example, change of classroom location, date, time or cancellation.
  6. Location of student in relation to classroom. For example, the map you suggest to the student that ‘you’re HERE and you need to go THERE.’
  7. Additional information about events/activity occurring across campus(es). Students can choose to (un)subscribe to these event/activity updates.