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RPM Challenge 2016

This is The Challenge – Record an album in 28 days, just because you can. That’s 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material recorded during the month of February. Go ahead…put it to tape. I was up for it. So I created a profile on the RPM Challenge page, recorded, processed the audio and […]

LIVE with Celebrations (from Port Moody)

You never know what you’re going to hear when you tune in to DS106 Radio. You’ll always hear a great selection of tunes via /AUTODJ, but it gets a whole lot better when someone unexpectedly grabs the stream and goes /LIVE. It was a late Sunday afternoon and I was in my kitchen preparing our […]

DS106: DS106 Field Report – Skating around Centum City

I recorded this DS106 video field report while skating around the Centum City precinct. The Centum City precinct is located in Haeundae, Busan, South Korea. This field report was recorded just after I had finished skating alongside the Suyeong river.

DS106: DS106 Field Report – Skating alongside the Suyeong river

I recorded this DS106 field report while skating alongside the Suyeong river in Busan, South Korea. This is the first ds106 field report where I’ve made use of video. Unlike my previous field reports where sound or what I’m hearing has been the focus. Here the visual or what I’m seeing is the focus of […]

ds106: ds106 Field Report – Peaches for sale

It’s quite common in South Korea for fresh fruit and vegetable merchants to drive around suburban streets in their mini-trucks spruiking their wares over a loudspeaker. This is the sound of a merchant who specialises in peaches.