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Service Design Boot Camp at GA

On Saturday 20 August I attended the Service Design Boot Camp workshop at General Assembly in Melbourne, which was pretty cool. I’ve been interested in the discipline for some time, exploring aspects of design process, prototyping, testing and iterating with Coursera’s Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society open online course online course, but I’ve never had […]

Deliberate practise with feedback

You have to have feedback as quickly as possible. 10,000 hours with a teacher, with constant feedback, is critical. What better feedback than skateboarding? You skate, you make a mistake, you fall, you bleed. Repeat. If you don’t get better, you break bones and have to stop. If you learn from your mistakes with the […]

Learning a nose thing – Day 3

Learning a nose thing #learningspaces #day3 #skatecreateenjoy A video posted by Repurposed Ruin (@repurposed_ruin) on Jul 13, 2016 at 1:04pm PDT

Learning by playing

Excerpt from Bones Brigade: An Autobiography @lancemountain talks about his willingness to "play around" and how it helped his career. Full video on our FB and YouTube pages #bonesbrigade A video posted by @bonesbrigade on Jul 15, 2015 at 12:53pm PDT

Redefine and reassess everything (around you)

“What is the strange profound attraction that this rectangular piece of concrete holds for them? Do we now observe the rights of passage of a newly emerging civilisation?” – Dr Eugene D Mander (Public Domain, 1988) “I think skateboarding is a way for people to reassess and redefine everything around them.” – Ian Mackaye “Skateboarding […]

Your ghost

When you leave your place of work, what kind of legacy do you leave behind? What exactly makes up Your ghost*? Is it only made up of the files or digital data you created or pushed around while you were in that physical space or does Your ghost transcend the physical? Can Your ghost be […]