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Activity #5 for Week 2 of ‘Spring 2022 Write your First D&D Encounter Workshop’

For this three-part activity, my D&D encounter outline was put on pause while I found out more about tropes from tvtropes.org and explored how they might be reinvented in my own D&D encounter – fun!

Part 1: Identify common tropes in D&D adventures

As noted on tvtropes.org, common tropes seen in a standard fantasy setting such as D&D adventures may relate to:

  • Race e.g., Dying Race, Proud Warrior Race Guy, and Dark Lord.
  • Countries and governments e.g., The Good Kingdom, The Horde, The Alliance, and The Empire. 

Other commonly seen tropes in D&D adventures may include 

Part 2: Identify TV tropes that might relate to my D&D encounter

The three common tropes from tvtropes.org that might relate to my D&D encounter are:

Part 3: Remix a common trope in my own encounter to make it more dynamic

The Death World trope could be remixed so that the cavern and underground environment is of benefit and somewhat helpful or even nourishing to the players – it’s light, colourful, and possibly pleasant to exist in. So much so, players may feel longing for the place when taking their leave and ascending to the surface.