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Advertising – Ubiquitous profile and minimal design

The ubiquitous profile of the bottle from this soft drink brand allows for minimal design to promote it’s latest offering. This roller-poster advertising fixture at a local train station featured a black stencil-like overlay of the soft drink bottle and pursed lips with a constantly changing coloured poster underneath. The changing poster fave the effect […]

The Rock wrap

On Melbourne’s metropolitan train network, interior and exterior advertising is becoming more prevalent.  Needless to say that I was completely surprised when I entered the train and was assaulted the advertising for the new film by formerly-known-as-The Rock Dwayne Johnson. Advertising inside a train seems to makes sense. Once inside the train, travellers become a captive […]

Designing across the fold

Interesting  design considerations when designing across the fold for an audience that may only see one part of the display.

This could be You (Tube)

A poster at a local tram stop for a fascinating marketing campaign by Google to sell online fame and (potential) content monetisation to young people.

Question 1.1: Click & Collect

For Week 1’s 1.1 Good design homework for Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society, I was required to consider the artifacts I use regularly and then briefly explain why I love it. I know the Coles Click & Collect service isn’t an artifact and it doesn’t really fit within the assignment brief like the Sipper lid, but it evoked […]

Some pushback and then a response

An interesting and perhaps unexpected pushback from Twitter users in response to Red Bull’s June 2014  promotion/advertising campaign on Twitter. It took some time, but Red Bull’s marketing team eventually responded to the majority of people who responded unfavourably to the promotion. They didn’t respond to some of the more provocative tweets.

Advertisements about advertising

Advertisements about advertising on YouTube reinforced with some recommendations for seeing more videos from YouTube Advertisers. Interesting.

Advertising inside Melbourne’s Metro Trains

An uncommon sight. Advertising on the inside one of  Melbourne’s Metro Trains. This could be a test for a possible revenue stream for the franchise operator of our suburban railway network. I’ve seen advertising on the outside of trains before, but never on the inside. This is new. Also, the irony of an advertising campaign for […]