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The Outsiders on Storify

The Outsiders on Storify is my live reading of The Outsiders by S.E.Hinton. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always loved this book and the 80s film adaptation. Maybe it was the Greaser look that was far removed from my own existence that attracted me. Not sure. Thinking about it, I think the reading could really benefit from a US accent.

One of my favourite and probably the most interesting thing about Storify is that you can aggregate any source material that’s online into your Storify. For this Storify, I aggregated sound files from one of my SoundCloud sets and a photograph from my Flickr photostream. Good stuff.

Oh, I’m only up to Chapter Two!

‘A Friday night food story’ on Storify

A Friday night food story is about a couple preparing dinner on a Friday night. Asynchronous food events are interspersed to create a feeling of a ‘world going about it’s business’ without the characters awareness and consideration.

My Friday night food story was inspired by the dischordant (in a good way) asynchronous learning experience of the Digital Storytelling (ds106) course. ds1064life!

This is my first Storify. Images used in this Storify were sourced from my Twitpic image stream and GNA Garcia’s Lockerz image stream.