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My first scheduled show on DS106RADIO

Sometimes a blog post from @cogdog can feel like a serious talking-to from your father. By that I mean a loving-scold with a generous amount of encouragement and permission for you to give it a go, all wrapped-up with an awesome and inspiring call to action!

As a long-time listener, participant, advocate and mangler of DS106RADIO, I was compelled by @cogdog’s blog post to create my own show. A deliberately short weekly show that I can sustain over time and can always extend in duration. A five minute show that hopefully provides a point of difference to other shows and content that may have been scheduled. A show inspired by Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, David Attenborough, Francisco Lopez and Philip Samartzis, but made up of recorded sounds from my immediate environment.

So, I created The sound of sound. A show about sound without meaning. A show about the sound of the inconsequential, the accidental and everyday locations. A show about the sound of sound.

LIVE with Celebrations (from Port Moody)

Going /LIVE on DS106 Radio is always celebration!

You never know what you’re going to hear when you tune in to DS106 Radio. You’ll always hear a great selection of tunes via /AUTODJ, but it gets a whole lot better when someone unexpectedly grabs the stream and goes /LIVE.

It was a late Sunday afternoon and I was in my kitchen preparing our Sunday night dinner when @bryanjack grabbed the DS106 Radio stream. @bryanjack was trying to make his way home from a Saturday night out in Port Moody, which was proving difficult to so. I decided to respond to his broadcast.

Suddenly, his broadcast stopped and then started again. @bryanjack had made it home. I asked him to describe what he saw.  @bryanjack described his surroundings. They matched his Instagrams. Perfect!

I could just make out the sound of wedding reception at Old Orchard Hall. Distant music and happy voices.

Then @bryanjack played some tunes. A perfect soundtrack to a Sunday night meal preparation in the kitchen.

I realised a little too late that I should have been recording his broadcast. So I grabbed my mobile phone, placed it near the speaker of my tablet device and the hit record. Of course there were technical difficulties and the sound quality wasn’t the best, but I managed to record a reasonable amount of his awesome performance.

Select Play to listen to @bryanjack playing ‘Born to run’ live on DS106 Radio from Port Moody while I cook in my kitchen on Sunday 28 July 2012.

Select Play to listen to @bryanjack playing ‘a Josh Ritter song’ live on DS106 Radio from Port Moody while I cook in my kitchen on Sunday 28 July 2012.

Select Play to listen to @bryanjack playing ‘Dead flowers’ and ‘Suspicious minds’ live on DS106 Radio from Port Moody while I cook in my kitchen on Sunday 28 July 2012.

I used my mobile phone to record @bryanjack’s performance on DS106 Radio. Not the best, but it got the job done.

ds106: My first live ds106radio broadcast – AE & me

So, I just signed off from my first live broadcast on #ds106radio. It was a short 20 minute set made up of songs released by Autechre between 1994-1995. I called the set AE & me. AE being an abbreviation for Autechre.  I’m not a fickle fan who likes their old stuff better than their new stuff or anything, I just love Autechre releases from that period. I remember listening to Amber, Tri Repetae and Anvil Vapre repeatedly with my friends at the time.

If you caught my AE & me broadcast on #ds106radio, I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for listening. If not, here’s the set list.