The other day I discovered #800×80, an art project by @arc4g and @lochieaxon, and since then I’ve been having so much fun goofing-off and creating and sharing animated gifs in a “weird resolution” with some supremely talented and amazingly skilled like-minded people on Twitter – we need more weird resolution art, right? Joining the #800×80 fray pic.twitter.com/uOhkXTGEfi — Rowan Peter 📡🛠🛹❤🤘 (@rowan_peter) September 15, 2021 treee leeves #800×80 #WeirdResolutionArt pic.twitter.com/Fj5zBbjrie — Rowan Peter 📡🛠🛹❤🤘 (@rowan_peter) September 16, 2021 Hugs #800×80 #WeirdResolutionArt pic.twitter.com/gtsZ2ucW29 — Rowan Peter 📡🛠🛹❤🤘 (@rowan_peter) September 16, 2021…

Bobbin’ and weavin’ (and let the good get even)

Bobbin’ and weavin’ (and let the good get even), originally uploaded by Rowan Peter. Bob takes cover behind a car in a Heat themed Gun Crazy GIF celebrating DS106 GIFfest. There’s a lot of crazy gun action in Heat that I’m sure can be sampled for an animated gif. This animated gif sampled a shot from the gun battle in the street scene. I particularly like how the camera mirrors Bob’s movement from behind the car.

Two guys and their Miniguns

Two guys and their Miniguns, originally uploaded by Rowan Peter. A Minigun themed Gun Crazy GIF for DS106 GIFfest (Extended). With its rotating barrel, cascading cartridges and dramatic muzzle flash the Minigun seems to be the weapon of choice for movie characters who need to battle against great odds. Terminator 2: Judgement Day and The Matrix are two of the many films that feature a Minigun.