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    Is everything hackable?

    Is everything hackable? Yeah, I think so. Does hacking known problematic student administration-style services and ‘wicked problems’ potentially lead to better teaching and learning outcomes and experience for students, staff and the university? Could it be done in 36 hours? That’s the answer I wanted to find out when I attended Monash University’s HackMon. Marina welcomes #hackamon participants and provides insights into design thinking process. @HackaMon1_2017 pic.twitter.com/LESN8vnUsJ — Rowan Peter (@rowan_peter) March 24, 2017 Academic director of MU-OLT, Kris Ryan provides a teaching and learning context during his introduction on the morning of the first day. Kris Ryan #HackaMon: ‘I love to learn’. Looking for participants to find solutions to…