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Concept: Slope of the land under classified vegetation determines the severity of a bushfire

Concept for an interactive device that demonstrates how slope of the land under classified vegetation determines the severity of a bushfire.

The learner can increase or decrease the angle of the upslope and downslope. As a result the severity of the approaching bushfire will change. The bushfire’s severity is based on a premise of the fire’s intensity doubling for each 10° rise in slope.

Representing ‘real life’ elements on screen

Interactions based on the ‘compliant completion of documentation’ are a resource development staple. They always present an interesting challenge. Representing a ‘real life’ element (paperwork, document, forms, pro-forma) on screen in a meaningful way.

This drawing describes how a interaction that requires the learner to complete an ‘OHS action plan’ could be represented on screen.


Concept: Who you drivin’ now?

There always needs to be something to drive the learner through a learning resource. A thematically relevant scenario or problem that  ‘wraps’ the content and assessment is a good way to engage the learner cohort. This method is not without it’s own problems. Not every learner wants a narrative embedded in their learning. Some learners just want to ‘get on with it’.

This simple drawing describes two possible ways of driving the learner through a learning resource.


Concept: Puttin’ it down on paper

Puttin’ a concept down on paper is one of the first things I do when I start to plan the design of an interaction. A simple pen drawing is immediate and it allows colleagues to see the flow of the interaction ‘that’s inside my head’. The drawing can be then used as the basis for further discussions about the design of the interaction.

This simple drawing was used to explain the flow of an interaction that delivers informative content to the learner.

The proposed flow of an interactive object.