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The story of my guitar

The story of my guitar, originally uploaded by Rowan Peter.

Chapter 1 – Last Saturday

The story of my guitar is plain and rather unglamorous. I wanted to take part in the Introduction to Guitar course, so I went to a nearby pawn shop and then bought an acoustic guitar that seemed to be in a reasonable condition and was within my very limited budget. The guitar happened to be a Tanglewood Indiana Series (TW28ST-USA/NA).

It was missing a string and the fretboard was filthy due to some questionable maintenance from the previous owner(s), but I didn’t want these minor issues to get in the way of my guitar adventure. Besides, some new strings and a serious clean with a soft cloth and some citrus cleaner would remove any remnants of the past. After a serious cleaning the guitar would have a new owner. Me.

Chapter 2 – Today

It’s now Monday night. I’ve cleaned the fretboard and body with a soft cloth and citrus cleaner. The funk, the gunk and the grime have gone. I’ve removed the old strings and thrown them away. All that remains is to string the guitar, learn how to tune it and then learn how to play. They’re the next chapters in the story of my guitar.