Dr Brian Oblivion in the newspaper

I got in to work early this morning, checked the morning newspaper and discovered that David Cromenbird had indeed been true to his word. He had contacted the print media  and placed a full page missing persons announcement for his friend and colleague Dr Brian Oblivion in today’s morning newspaper. When I found the missing persons announcement in the newspaper I had to let all the other DS106 Summer of Oblivion participants know immediately. But as I soon discovered, Dr Oblivion had been found.

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  1. About the newspaper prop. The newspaper I used as the base for my prop is a high circulation tabloid newspaper. I was fairly loose with my approach to authentic tabloid newspaper copy and layout.

    The newspaper

  2. I don’t know who he is, or that he was even missing, but I can only share my relief and joy that he has been found, all my love and best wishes go out to Dr Oblivions friends and family!

    1. Dr Brian Oblivion is (or was) the facilitator of the DS106 Summer of Oblivion online course. He went missing towards the end of the first week and is yet to return. Thanks for your kind thoughts and comments on the plight of poor suffering man.

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