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    Using lights

    Making my way through the Using lights recipe from the Processing 2 Creative programming cookbook source code on GitHub. In this recipe, I learned how to declare the lightMode and lightDirection integers to allow for different lighting modes to be activated. Inside the setUp function they’re assigned a value of 0 and then referenced again in the if test. In this recipe, I also learned how to use the lights, directionalLight, ambientLight, pointLight and spotLight functions for the different lighting modes, even the noLights function for a no lighting mode. This recipe contains code for generating and animating 3D primitives (first demonstrated in Drawing 3D primitives recipe) used to demonstrate the lighting setup. This…

  • amidoinitrite,  homework

    Working with images

    Making my way through the Working with images recipe from the Processing 2 Creative programming cookbook source code on GitHub. In this recipe I learned how to: use the loadImage function to load an image from my data folder into my Sketch declare a boolean (pixelMode) for the if test use the image function to display the new images (dimensions specified in copWidth and copyHeight and areas specified by the pixel-swapping if test) in the window. I also learned about the get and set methods and how they can be used to define a region and change the colour of the loaded image. Rad!