Monthly Archives: October 29, 2014

Ingress: Public spaces considered as a private (Guardian) space

An interesting development, particularly when the game (Ingress) is predicated on teamwork, collaboration and sportsmanship in a public space. A portal in public space (is regarded as public domain and open for all players) once claimed as personal or private is extremely provocative and somewhat problematic. This is not always the case, as I found out when observing […]

This could be You (Tube)

A poster at a local tram stop for a fascinating marketing campaign by Google to sell online fame and (potential) content monetisation to young people.

Ingress: What becomes of a portal that is no longer anchored by the real world location?

Ingress is a game based on real world locations. In a game predicated on a relationship between the physical and the synthetic, what becomes or should become of a portal that is no longer anchored by the real world location that informed its very creation? Should the portal stay as synthetic memory of a once culturally important […]