eT@lking: A google gathering

Just finished the eT@lking: A Google gathering session. The session was well attended, with many examples of how Google Apps can be used in a creative educational context. Some of the Google apps mentioned by presenters were: Google Maps Street view story – Tell a story about a location or what happened at a location. Where is your hometown and what makes it so special? – A crowdsourced experimental activity by Nicole Dalesio. Directions to ‘Susan’s house’. The creator of this map has used the direction tool to to show…

A public conversation with myself about learning

A public conversation with myself about learning is a collection and reflection on some of @todd_conaway’s tweets from #silt2011. One of the most interesting things for me is the familiarity of themes expressed in his tweets. Learning objectives with real-world application of skills, learning outcomes and competency based completion are all staple objectives in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector in which I work.

True (Heart) Bypass

This is my first attempt at building a simple True Bypass pedal. A True Bypass pedal can be used to bypass the audio signal of another pedal (eg an effect like distortion, delay, reverb etc) when it’s not in use. My pedal is based on the True Bypass layout designed by Beavis Audio Research. These photos first appeared on my Greetings from… Flickr stream in 2008.

ds106: Buddy photo

Visual assignment 48 brief Find a little figurine or a stuffed animal that you can carry around with you. Use that ‘buddy’ and take photos to document where you have gone together. ie: going out to lunch, going to the movies, etc. My Michelin Man I carried my Michelin Man buddy with me for a month or so in 2008. It was sheer coincidence that I happened to travel to coastal Victoria during that time. I was probably inspired to take ‘buddy photos’ after hearing about the infamous travelling gnome…

ds106: Stop frame photography

Visual assignment 108 brief Take several pictures of one object movie. When the pictures are place together is will show the movement of the object. My ds106 lawn (de-ds106’d) It’s now autumn here in Melbourne, Australia. That means, the weather is wet, miserable and terrible for mowing. My ds106 lawn has become unkempt. Time for a trim. Time for visual assignment 108.

‘A Friday night food story’ on Storify

A Friday night food story is about a couple preparing dinner on a Friday night. Asynchronous food events are interspersed to create a feeling of a ‘world going about it’s business’ without the characters awareness and consideration. My Friday night food story was inspired by the dischordant (in a good way) asynchronous learning experience of the Digital Storytelling (ds106) course. ds1064life! This is my first Storify. Images used in this Storify were sourced from my Twitpic image stream and GNA Garcia’s Lockerz image stream.