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True (Heart) Bypass

This is my first attempt at building a simple True Bypass pedal. A True Bypass pedal can be used to bypass the audio signal of another pedal (eg an effect like distortion, delay, reverb etc) when it’s not in use. My pedal is based on the True Bypass layout designed by Beavis Audio Research. These photos first appeared on my Greetings from… Flickr stream in 2008.

I found this rather fetching Pocahontas confectionary tin at an op-shop. It would be more than suitable for this experiment.
The opened Pocohontas tin.
I drilled holes in the tin and then labelled the inside with a black xylene free marker.
I then wired and soldered the DPT switch.
Detail of the DPT switch wiring.
I then wired up and soldered the sleeves of the audio jacks.
I then soldered the wiring from the DPT switch to the audio jacks.
I then bolted the wired up DPT switch into the lid of the Pocahontas tin.
The completed pedal with Pocahontas artwork intact!
I used some wet'n'dry sandpaper to sand off the original Pocahontas paint job. The pedal is now finished.

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