Monthly Archives: September 13, 2013

One to prepare and one to publish

One to prepare the required the channel and associated assets and one with the only license to publish. Not the best workflow, but it’s the only way at this time.

VET Development Centre Specialist Scholarship: Event 3 – Knowledge sharing

Today I attended the third and final scheduled event for the VET Development Centre Specialist Scholarship. The event was a knowledge sharing event where all specialist scholars presented their findings and outcomes from their participation in the program. Unlike Event 1 and Event 2, this event gave everyone the opportunity shared what they’ve learned. The […]

Two channels published without the extras

After two days of waiting, my Step 4: Remove piston seal from caliper and Step 1: Remove bracket from caliper channels on Junaio have been made public. This is good news, but I think I went a little early on the publish because I failed to include extras such buttons for the instructional video, learner resources […]

Geometry for brake caliper augment: Step 4: Remove piston seal from caliper

Previsualising the pointed tool, piston seal and rear brake caliper geometry for Step 4: Remove piston seal from caliper stage of the brake caliper augment. Geometry will be exported as FBX from Blender, prepared by FBXMeshCoverter for import into Creator for  upload into my Metaio channel for final use as an augment. Figuring out the […]

Gathering 3D point cloud with Metaio Toolbox

Screen captures from 3D point cloud data gathering with Metaio Toolbox for sequences to be used in my augmented contextual instruction on the rear brake caliper. The 3D point cloud data will then be used as tracking technology to place my augments.