Monthly Archives: July 17, 2013

This is me wrestling with the Minecraft launcher

This is me wrestling with the Minecraft launcher. I’ve downloaded the latest installer, installed the latest version of Java and even got busy in the Terminal as prescribed in the forums. Nuthin’.

Concept: Augmented contextual instruction

Augmented contextual instruction provides users with procedural demonstrations based on recognisable features and attributes of an object. Augmented contextual instruction could be used in vocational training and assessment contexts. Users can add (record), edit and share their own contextual instruction.

My experience with downloading Xcode from the App store

For some reason I couldn’t download Xcode through the App store. I selected the Install button and the little animated icon turned and turned, but nothing happened. This happened time and time again. Damn. So I did quick search and the results were was most helpful. Thanks Den B.

Blender selection modes: The sync selection button

Once you’ve created seams in your mesh and then unwrapped it, you’ll then probably want to move contiguous groups of faces or UV islands into a location that will make it easier for you to create and then paint a texture. Before you can start moving your UV islands you’ll need to change your selection […]

My first scheduled show on DS106RADIO

My first scheduled show on DS106RADIO. I have to make content for the next scheduled show on Sunday 14 July, a photo by Rowan Peter on Flickr. Sometimes a blog post from @cogdog can feel like a serious talking-to from your father. By that I mean a loving-scold with a generous amount of encouragement and […]