Monthly Archives: June 30, 2014

Reporting in from ISTE2014

I just arrived in Atlanta, Georgia for the last two days of the ISTE 2014 and discovered my mates Alan Levine and Ben Rimes are not here. That’s disappointing. I mean, the International Society for Technology in Education (ITSE) conference is the largest  educational technology conference in North America. Surely it’s the type of conference these two guys would […]

The virtual economy within Ingress

Wherever there’s a demand there’s a business opportunity (I guess.) Ingress presents an example of a virtual economy, where in-game items such as resonators, bursters, virus, power cube and other equipment can be sold for real-world currency. Interesting.

Ingress: First contact

I’ve started playing Ingress now that I have a mobile phone with some capability. Just completed First contact. Awesome.

Explorations in augmented reality presentation for the E-LEARNING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION event

This afternoon I attended the E-LEARNING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION PechaKucha event at Centre for Adult Education (CAE) in Melbourne’s CBD and presented Explorations in augmented reality. Explorations in augmented reality described my experience of prototyping an augmented reality experience as part of my VET Development Centre Specialist Scholarship. The event also featured presentations from Aliki Kompogiorgas (Box […]

Some pushback and then a response

An interesting and perhaps unexpected pushback from Twitter users in response to Red Bull’s June 2014  promotion/advertising campaign on Twitter. It took some time, but Red Bull’s marketing team eventually responded to the majority of people who responded unfavourably to the promotion. They didn’t respond to some of the more provocative tweets.