Meet MONOLITH, my new bike. MONOLITH or MONO for short, is a 2021 Merida Speeder 20 Flat Bar Road Bike in Anthracite/Black. It reminds me of the monolith in 2021: a space odyssey.

I ride mostly at night because that’s when I have free time – it’s also relatively quiet out and about at that time.

MONO with lights blazing.

Show, Demo & Inspo

I wanted a way for the team to easily share stuff (that inspires or demonstrates work they’ve done, and more) with each other that didn’t necessarily require them to identify themselves, if the didn’t want to. I chose Padlet because it’s quick, allows anonymous posting, we already have an account with them, and it does good job of managing all the embed types and making them look good, and works one all devices.

The tagline is… Experienced something that resonates with you? Whatever it is, share it and inspire others!

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