Monthly Archives: February 18, 2012

Speed reader – Visual Assignment 347: Photo It Like Peanut Butter

I used an old Weekly Shōnen Jump as source material for Speed reader. I like it’s economic black ink on pulpy multi-coloured paper style. I also thought the Weekly Shōnen Jump imagery would be able to withstand a drastic reduction in colour palette; a byproduct of balancing the constraints of the gif file format, image […]

Blood harvest (The Softain Biopsy) – Visual Assignment 340: Splash the colour

Blood harvest (The Softain Biopsy) – Visual Assignment 340: Splash the colour, originally uploaded by Rowan Peter. By now I’m sure many of you are quite familiar with the ground-breaking work of specialist surgeon Dr Sigmeund Softain. Dr Sigmeund Softain is the doctor responsible for pioneering The Softain Biopsy medical procedure. The Softain Biopsy* is […]

The Daily Create (TDC) Archive: TDC 15 – 21

This is my weekly archive of the work I’ve produced for The Daily Create (TDC). The Daily Create (TDC) 15 – Make a recording of the most lively laugh you’ve made someone do As you will hear in this recording, I’m not a very funny guy. The Daily Create (TDC) 16 – Photograph something commonly […]

Trying to track down Jim Groom and Emre5807

Emre5807’s Twitter update said it all. He had captured Jim Groom. Surely it can’t be true? I felt that there was only one thing for me to do. I had to track down Emre5807 and rescue Jim. I could always look for Kim Droom later. I had seen Giulia Forsythe’s excellent recommendation of the industry standard […]

Did Jim get lost searching for Emre5807 the infamous ds106 hacker?

I guess everyone has heard by now about the DS106 website being hacked earlier in the week. If you haven’t, go and read Jim Groom’s blog post. It’s serious stuff. Apparently the DS106 website was hacked by someone who goes by the name of Emre5807. I’m not sure WHO that is, but I reckon they […]