Trying to track down Jim Groom and Emre5807

The Tweet that made my heart skip a beat.

Emre5807’s Twitter update said it all. He had captured Jim Groom. Surely it can’t be true? I felt that there was only one thing for me to do. I had to track down Emre5807 and rescue Jim. I could always look for Kim Droom later. I had seen Giulia Forsythe’s excellent recommendation of the industry standard hacker tool Hacker Typer. This is exactly what I needed to find Emre5807.

This video documents the final moments before discovering the whereabouts of Emre5807 and Jim Groom. After that, everything went a little hazy.

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Without this hack I would have never escaped from the clutches of Emre5807. It was a very tight fit, but now I am free. I have more to share, but let’s just say I’m not in Kansas anymore.

Jim? You managed to escape from Emre5807, but only just? I’m sure you have some stories to tell about your capture and eventual escape!

Say, what happened to Kim Droom?

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