My first attempts at strumming D major and E minor

Here are my first attempts at playing the D major and E minor chords. Pretty bad. I’ll continue to practice slowly alternating between the two chords and then I’ll attempt to record an Asynchronous Jam with the Class Recording: Strumming D major and E minor. Then, I’ll learn A minor. Strumming D major and E minor (Badly)

Stringing my guitar and tuning it (Standard tuning)

It took some time, but I was finally able to string my guitar with new D’Addario Medium Light strings. This is the process I worked through. Using pliers, I gently tugged the bridge pins from the bridge, removed the old strings and then placed the ball end of each new string into their respective bridge hole. I then inserted the end of each string through the hole of each tuning-post. Next I had wind each string around its post. I found an informative video on YouTube demonstrating how to string…

The story of my guitar

The story of my guitar, originally uploaded by Rowan Peter. Chapter 1 – Last Saturday The story of my guitar is plain and rather unglamorous. I wanted to take part in the Introduction to Guitar course, so I went to a nearby pawn shop and then bought an acoustic guitar that seemed to be in a reasonable condition and was within my very limited budget. The guitar happened to be a Tanglewood Indiana Series (TW28ST-USA/NA). It was missing a string and the fretboard was filthy due to some questionable maintenance…

My introduction to the Introduction to Guitar open online course

I can’t play guitar. I decided to change that by buying a second-hand acoustic guitar and then signing up as an open online student to the Introduction to Guitar course. The Introduction To Guitar course is going to be challenging and fun. I hope it’s not too painful to watch and listen to me learn how to play the guitar. Let’s see how it goes.

Bobbin’ and weavin’ (and let the good get even)

Bobbin’ and weavin’ (and let the good get even), originally uploaded by Rowan Peter. Bob takes cover behind a car in a Heat themed Gun Crazy GIF celebrating DS106 GIFfest. There’s a lot of crazy gun action in Heat that I’m sure can be sampled for an animated gif. This animated gif sampled a shot from the gun battle in the street scene. I particularly like how the camera mirrors Bob’s movement from behind the car.