Monthly Archives: February 25, 2011

Prepossessed to skate

Before I was repossesed to skate, I was prepossessed to skate. This is a more recent recording of my skateboarding activities prior to the repossession.  

ds106: Where my preoccupation with reporting from the field began

This could be where my preoccupation with reporting from the field began. A 2008 Voicethread of my 2004 experience of Dae Borum celebration (The first full moon of the lunar new year) held on Kwang An Beach in Busan, South Korea. Voicethread is a great web 2.0 tool that allows you to sequence a series […]

ds106: The Daily Shoot #ds451 – #ds457

Sorry I’m late. Thanks for watching. The Daily Shoot #ds451 “Make a photograph that features a leading line through it today. Draw the viewers eye through the image.” The Daily Shoot #ds452 “Change your point of view. Make a photograph from an unusual point of view today.” This is the view I saw of my […]

ds106: Visual Assignment 13: Averaging concepts using Flickr

Visual Assignment 13 brief Take a concept, one word, and plug it into Flickr and take the first 50 images and average them using Photoshop or similar program. Step by step instructions available at Averaging the first eight days of my daily shoot When I started Visual Assignment 13 I had only completed eight […]

ds106: Design Assignment 12: The big hip hop (I wanna get dusted)

Design Assignment 12 brief Take any photo from The Big Picture and overlay it with lyrics from a Top 100 song. Similar to The Big Caption project. ‘I wanna get dusted, I gotta get dusted baby’ For this design assignment I used a photo from The Big Picture’s coverage of the 2011 Dakar Rally and […]

ds106: Visual Assignment 46: Stories written in windows media player

Visual Assignment 46 brief Write a sentence (preferably somewhat coherent, yet on the nonsensical side), a poem, or a quick story using the titles of songs you have in your Windows Media Player (iTunes may possibly work as well). Print the screen. Paste it in Microsoft Paint (or some higher-end equivalent). Save it, upload it, […]