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I only get to skate at night, mostly

Skating during the day is a challenge, given WFH and the COVID-19 restrictions on skateparks here in Melbourne. Under the cover of darkness, I head out for a skate. I only get to skate at night, mostly. #RepossedToSkate #Skateboarding — RepossessedToSkate (@REP2SKATE) April 27, 2020

I got to skate, late tonight

At the best of times, it’s a challenge to find time to skate. It’s either under the cover of darkness, first thing in the morning or late at night. This time it was late at night. Yes! Let’s skate (and film) together once I’ve found some form, fitness and first tries on this weird thing, […]

I got to skate today, sunday

Riding my new setup: Santa Cruz Tom Knox Discord 9.98″ Deck, OJ Team Rider 61mm, Indy 169. It’s silent, super-fast and a little scary.

Been caught streaming

I’ve started experimenting with streaming my skateboarding sessions via my Repossessed to Skate channel on Twitch – a streaming platform for game oriented content. Why do this? I was curious how the platform worked, explore streaming as a ‘thing’ (particularly as a streamer with no viewers) and find out how particular communities form and interact […]

I got to skate yesterday

I got to skate for about one hour, yesterday. In full daylight, and everything. I worked on the slappy-inspired crooked grind, where I slightly lift the front truck and then place it on the edge of the small ledge. The goal is to grind the front truck while the rear of the board flails up […]

Skate Rock

“When everyone sees nothing but boring concrete structures and you see a performance of art, grace and mastery of physics”               View this post on Instagram                                 Skateable Skate Rock #SpotCheck #SkateMonash #MonashUni #MonashArchitecture […]

It’s been a while…indeed

In November 2016, I was lucky enough to travel to Hong Kong for work. In the extremely limited time that I was there, I discovered @hkitskateboardshop squirelled away up a flight of stairs on #GRANVILLEROAD in #TSIMSHATSUI There, I bought some shoes, a shop t-shirt and shop board. The board is particularly unique, with the […]

Stomp’N’Stack – January 2018

My submission for January’s Stomp ‘N’ Stack. I’m missing a few from the trick list, but stoked that I was able to submit my measly edit all the same. Looking forward to the next trick list. Rowan Peter from STOMP’N’STACK SKATEBOARDING on Vimeo. JANUARY TRICK LIST: Your team needs to film at least 3 tricks […]