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Awish is an persistent digital dandelion experience for mobile devices. Hold the dandelion, blow and then make a wish. I hope your wish comes true.


Celebrate everyday awesomeness with ‘fetti. Personal or public celebrations and congratulations. Analogue or digital.

Last of the Rendersaurs

The SGI Indigo 2 was the last of the Rendersaurs. Before it, came the SGI Indy and a collection of bespoke Linux based desktop computers and laptops that served the rendersaur project. Last of the Rendersaurs — Rowan Peter (@rowan_peter) May 10, 2015

Question 1.4: Design for you

The Question 1.4: Design for you homework for Week 1 of Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society required me to design an artifact that addresses my user experience gap of a solution that supports and encourages an efficient and affordable contactless ticketing system for public transport by creating a visual expression of the design as […]

Flip rig: An extremely light-weight and simple rig for a FLIP MinoHD video camera

A project at work required video footage of a series of veterinary surgical procedures to be recorded for inclusion in an online resource. The project did not have resources (DSLR and personnel) to record the series of surgical procedures nor does the relatively small operating theatre permit an additional non-surgical staff member to occupy the […]

Augmented contextual instruction user experience (Object tracking)

Screen captures from the completed object-tracking augmented contextual instruction user experience.  The augmented contextual instruction is made up of a sequence of junaio channels that can be browsed in the junaio AR browser. For this example, the channels were browsed using junaio on an iPad.