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Build failed (Error from inside the Android tools)

I’m not alone. There are others who’ve experienced the same failed build as an Error from inside the Android tools, check the console with Processing 2.1? or an Android java issue. Some have solved the issue. I haven’t. Even the working through the processing android instructions and getting busy in the terminal to make it easier to examine […]

There’s no place like the wonderful world of developer options

The experience was incredible. It was if I’d just stepped into the wonderful world of Oz. The experience was remarkably like Dorothy tapping her shiny red shoes wishing hwe returning to Kansas. There I was tapping the screen of my mobile phone, just like Dorothy tapping her shoes and wishing to be whisked away to […]

I’m having trouble with the surfaceTouchEvent

I’m having trouble with the surfaceTouchEvent in the Responding to touch interaction recipe from the Processing 2 Creative programming cookbook source code on GitHub. I’ve worked through the Troubleshooting,  Discussion and Known issues, Common problems, Understanding changes to processing.core sections of the Android page of the Processing Wiki, but still no success. Unsurprisingly, someone else posted a […]