Masters 2018-22

In 2018 I started my masters, more specifically Masters of Professional Practice (Digital Learning). What I like about it the most is that acknowledges and values the needs of working types like me by recognising the stuff that I do at work, which makes sense for a postgraduate degree.

Of course, I have to complete a few introductory units but they’re designed to help me complete the qualification not hinder.

In 2018, I successfully completed EDX701 Research Design Development and Method, which required to submit a literature review and a research plan for an education research area of interest.

In 2019, I successfully completed EEE726 Digital Learning, Design and Assessment, which examined principles and theories of digital learning, including the role of digital technologies and professionals in contemporary educational contexts. For this unit, I completed five short online courses and submit a Digital Learning intervention plan and a Professional practice action plan. Exciting stuff!

Now, in 2020, I’ve started the first of the two final units. For them, I need to undertake my own research and then produce a 12,000 word response – so far all I have is vomit and my final research paper titled ‘Our course could be your life(style): Tales of MOOC revisiting learners 2015-2020’.

After some time away from my studies, in 2022 I’ve enrolled to complete the first five Professional Practice credentials: Communication, Critical Thinking, Digital Literacy, Digital Learning and Digital Learning – Discipline Specialisation. These must be completed by December.

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