Monthly Archives: March 30, 2011

Concept: A persistent location based ambient sound layer

Concept sketch for a persistent location based ambient sound layer. The ambient sound layer will leverage location data (google maps, directions), photographs (Flickr, Twitpic etc), text (blog posts, wikipedia, annotation, comments via Twitter). The ambient sound layer is designed for mobile devices. Relationships between sound recordings can be created (For example, the same type of […]

ds106: My first live ds106radio broadcast – AE & me

So, I just signed off from my first live broadcast on #ds106radio. It was a short 20 minute set made up of songs released by Autechre between 1994-1995. I called the set AE & me. AE being an abbreviation for Autechre.  I’m not a fickle fan who likes their old stuff better than their new […]

ds106: My ds106 lawn

In Australia, mowing the lawn is the quintessential suburban experience. I actually don’t mind mowing the lawn. As a household chore mowing the lawn has potential for a bit of a creative twist. In the past I have attempted to create the Black Flag bar logo and a strange heart shape in an attempt to […]

ds106: Audio Assignment – Introducing the DS106 International Treaty

The concept The ds106 International Treaty is a satirical and completely fictitious set of rules and regulations (Google document/Word) drafted by participants of the open digital storytelling (ds106) course. The International Treaty is an attempt to define an agreement which governs the behaviour of all mankind. In this introduction, I have created a fictitious public […]