12DOAI 2024

Because the 12DAOAI is all about the use of artificial intelligence, I used ChatGPT to summarise my blog posts from each day as a blog post.

Title: Unwrapping the 12 Days of AI Delight

Introduction: Welcome, dear readers, to a journey through the 12 Days of AI! Our adventure begins at 12daysofai.myblog.arts.ac.uk, where a treasure trove of AI wonders awaits us.

Day 1: Using Prompts On Day 1, we dive into the creative ocean with prompts at rowanpeter.com. Unleashing the power of imagination, this day sets the tone for an exciting exploration.

Day 2: Summarizing Text Discover the art of concise expression on Day 2 as we explore Summarizing Text. Unravel the magic of turning words into meaningful summaries.

Day 3: Creating Images Let your creativity soar on Day 3 with Creating Images. Uncover the secrets behind crafting captivating visuals with the help of AI.

Day 4: Creating Videos Lights, camera, AI action! Day 4 takes us to the world of Creating Videos. Explore the fusion of technology and storytelling.

Day 5: Translating Video Embark on a linguistic adventure on Day 5 with Translating Video. Witness the magic of AI breaking language barriers.

Day 7: Conducting Research Day 7 unfolds the researcher’s toolkit with Conducting Research. Dive into a world where AI becomes your trusty assistant in exploration.

Day 8: Creating Flashcards Education meets innovation on Day 8 with Creating Flashcards. Experience how AI transforms learning into a dynamic and engaging process.

Day 9: Creating Podcasts Tune in to the podcasting revolution on Day 9 with Creating Podcasts. Discover how AI adds a new dimension to the world of spoken words.

Day 11: Creating Discussion Topics Engage in meaningful conversations on Day 11 with Creating Discussion Topics. Explore the art of sparking thought-provoking discussions.

Day 12: Gamification Our journey concludes with a touch of playfulness on Day 12 in Gamification. Discover how AI transforms learning and engagement into an immersive game.

Conclusion: As we reflect on our adventure, key learnings emerge. AI is not just a tool but a creative companion, enhancing our abilities across various domains. The 12 Days of AI have taught us to embrace innovation, infuse creativity, and redefine possibilities.


  1. Creativity Unleashed: AI empowers us to explore new dimensions of creativity.
  2. Efficiency in Learning: From flashcards to podcasts, AI streamlines the learning process.
  3. Language Diversity: AI bridges language gaps, opening doors to global communication.
  4. Research Reinvented: The researcher’s journey is enhanced with AI’s analytical prowess.
  5. Engagement through Gamification: Transforming tasks into games fosters enthusiasm.

Our 12-day odyssey concludes, leaving us inspired and ready to infuse AI magic into our own endeavors. Until next time, keep exploring the wonders of artificial intelligence!

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