• DAYS LATER OR MAYBE EVEN WEEKS LATER - A concept for a post-2011 budget cut workplace activity.
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    Days later or maybe even weeks later

    Days later or maybe even weeks later is a concept for a collaborative workplace/institute/teaching centre-wide activity for staff and students designed to mend the physical and psychological effects of the Victorian government’s $300 million in cuts from the state’s TAFE sector. Physical and psychological effects could include closure of campuses, a reduction of courses being offered and job cuts. This blog post contains exerpts from a conversation about the concept I had with myself on our organisation’s Yammer network. This blog post attempts to consolidate the concept. I saw the activity taking place after the catastrophic event. It could’ve been 28 days later or even 28 weeks later. It doesn’t really matter. Just as…

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    Unicorn City and the dimensions of competency

    The description for the official Unicorn City trailer on Youtube describes the protagonist as ‘a hard core gamer creates a Utopian society based on rules of table top gaming in a desperate attempt to prove to a prospective employer that he has leadership skills.‘ The creation of a utopian society by the protagonist is a clear demonstration of the protagonist’s Transfer skills. Transfer skills are the capacity to transfer skills and knowledge to other contexts. These skills make up one of the dimensions of competency that need to be demonstrated by learners participating in Australian vocational education and training. Dimensions of competency are the knowledge and attitudes required to apply technical skills…

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    LIVE with Celebrations (from Port Moody)

    You never know what you’re going to hear when you tune in to DS106 Radio. You’ll always hear a great selection of tunes via /AUTODJ, but it gets a whole lot better when someone unexpectedly grabs the stream and goes /LIVE. It was a late Sunday afternoon and I was in my kitchen preparing our Sunday night dinner when @bryanjack grabbed the DS106 Radio stream. @bryanjack was trying to make his way home from a Saturday night out in Port Moody, which was proving difficult to so. I decided to respond to his broadcast. Suddenly, his broadcast stopped and then started again. @bryanjack had made it home. I asked him to…