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Unicorn City and the dimensions of competency

The description for the official Unicorn City trailer on Youtube describes the protagonist as ‘a hard core gamer creates a Utopian society based on rules of table top gaming in a desperate attempt to prove to a prospective employer that he has leadership skills.‘ The creation of a utopian society by the protagonist is a clear demonstration of the protagonist’s Transfer skills. Transfer skills are the capacity to transfer skills and knowledge to other contexts. These skills make up one of the dimensions of competency that need to be demonstrated by learners participating in Australian vocational education and training. Dimensions of competency are the knowledge and attitudes required to apply technical skills to regular and irregular workplace situations. Other dimensions of competency are:

  • Task skills – Undertaking and completing the specific tasks that make up the whole work activity as well as completing the individual actions that make up the task, such as identifying or classifying tasks to be completed.
  • Task management skills – Efficiently managing a number of different tasks to complete a whole work activity, such as evaluating the whole work activity, prioritising tasks to be completed and then continue to review or monitor the completion of each task and whole work activity.
  • Contingency management skills – Responding to problems or issues related to completing tasks in the workplace, such as changes in routine, unexpected results or outcomes from task or difficult and problematic clients.
  • Job/Role environment skills  – Responding and managing workplace responsibilities and expectations, such as working with colleagues, interacting with clients and suppliers, complying with organisational procedures or meeting industry benchmarks.

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