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Awish is an persistent digital dandelion experience for mobile devices. Hold the dandelion, blow and then make a wish. I hope your wish comes true.


Celebrate everyday awesomeness with ‘fetti. Personal or public celebrations and congratulations. Analogue or digital.

WWW – Simple access to web pages

I’m building an interactive experience which makes use of available weather data, much like the data services made available by the BOM or the OpenWeatherMap. This means I need to be able to load data from the web, parse it and then transform 3D geometry based on real world locations and the loaded weather data. […]

Noise wall

Noise wall = Kollum + pixel art lawn art + sew, grow and mow.  Synthetic layers in real space in real time in a world of real sound.

Designing across the fold

Interesting  design considerations when designing across the fold for an audience that may only see one part of the display.

This could be You (Tube)

A poster at a local tram stop for a fascinating marketing campaign by Google to sell online fame and (potential) content monetisation to young people.

User flow for the completion of a safe work method statement (SWMS)

This sketch demonstrates the preliminary user flow for a web application/mobile experience that permits the completion and submission of a safe work method statement (SWMS) as part of a vocational training and assessment experience. A SWMS is a site-specific form that must be completed before any high-risk construction work is commenced. Generally, the completion and […]