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AI106, DS106 & GITS – it’s about friendship and love

Discovering AI106 (DS106) was running again in 2024 gave me pause for thought. My pause wasn’t just on its theme of artificial intelligence or the Week 1 assignment of getting some inspiration by watching AI related films or reading AI-themed fiction. It was also Paul Bond’s Ghosts of future past blog post. You had me […]

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Week 1: Activity #2 for ‘Spring 2022 Write Your First D&D Encounter Workshop’

As noted by M.T. Black on the Stoco workshop website, D&D encounters can be categorised using the “three pillars” of: combat social exploration. M.T. Black also highlights how the three pillars make an encounter unique and dynamic, and although it’s possible to apply all three pillars in one encounter, one is usually enough. Combat Because […]

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Week 1: Activity #1 for ‘Spring 2022 Write Your First D&D Encounter Workshop’

As outlined by M.T. Black in the Stoco workshop website, encounters are the lifeblood of Dungeons & Dragons, where any adventure or campaign could be considered as being made up from a series of related encounters. M.T. Black defines an encounter as a single scene in the game where the players interact with a challenge. […]

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LAK11: Week 1 – Playing around with Hunch

One of the activities for the first week of the Learning and Knowledge Analytics (LAK11) course was to create a Hunch account and play around with it. If you’re not familiar with Hunch, a simple way to explain it would be a ‘survey that makes suggestions based on your answers’. I answered around 50 questions […]

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ds106: Week 1 – My introduction

‘Hello ds106. My name is Rowan. Pleased to met you. I happened to have a great day today!’