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The other day I discovered #800×80, an art project by @arc4g and @lochieaxon, and since then I’ve been having so much fun goofing-off and creating and sharing animated gifs in a “weird resolution” with some supremely talented and amazingly skilled like-minded people on Twitter – we need more weird resolution art, right? Joining the #800×80 […]

amidoinitrite Vomit

It’s only a flesh wound – cycling is fun

Cycling in the wet at night is fun.

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Automation & Tooling – why not consider them as helpful colleagues and team members

For a while I’ve been thinking about how adopt a different approach to tooling in our team, beyond nameless and obtuse groups of tools built on google sheets that record and reveal information about our projects. I think there’s value in considering these tools more like colleagues and team members with position descriptions and real […]