Over ten years after my first DISC assessment in another organisation, I’ve now been asked to revisit the assessment and respond to a number of questions that quantify me (as a profile). ‘Spare me, Burke. I’ve had my psych evaluation this month.’Ellen Ripley Then (circa 2011) Now (2022)

Automation & Tooling – why not consider them as helpful colleagues and team members

For a while I’ve been thinking about how adopt a different approach to tooling in our team, beyond nameless and obtuse groups of tools built on google sheets that record and reveal information about our projects. I think there’s value in considering these tools more like colleagues and team members with position descriptions and real …

Content and code management – tooling

Today I spoke to the team about how we might explore the use of a tool/service that allows us to easily store, manage and share regularly used content and/or code snippets. I was really interested in hearing from them if exploring the use of tools/service is something worth doing? Remembering this is not so much …

Tiara time

Tiara time. The workplace appropriate conspicuous visual cue that you’d like to work uninterrupted with veracious intent for a short period of time.


‘Spare me, Burke. I’ve had my psych evaluation this month.’ Ellen Ripley I was rummaging around my desk at work this afternoon and I found the result of my workplace DISC assessment from around 5 years ago. It got me thinking. I wonder if I would exhibit the same behaviour profile NOW as I did …